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Sound and image in the Tepozteco mountain range.
World-class technology in a unique landscape. First-class lodging and food.

Considering that post-production is paramount in the creation of cinema, more than ten years ago we built Splendor Omnia. The lighthouse has always been the same: the best technological, technical and environmental conditions to achieve the films that we want.

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We are happy for the prestigious recognition of such great artists, professionals and above all human beings such as Nicolas, Jaime, Michelle, Carlos and Carolina who left their souls and their talent in this masterpiece that is SOM. This is also a recognition for the Mexican talent that transcends the personal, technical and technological trajectory, and places the Mexican sound post-production industry at the highest level.



The Eye film-museum & the Rotterdam International Film Festival, approached five film directors from the five continents -Jia Zhang-ke (Asia), Lucrecia Martel (South America), Nanouk Leopold (Europe), Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese (Africa) and Carlos Reygadas (North America)- for the exhibition ¡Vive le cinéma !, thus reflecting the power and diversity of world cinema. Carlos Reygadas's work was mixed and designed in the Splendor Omnia studios.


Dea Kulumbegashvili


Congratulations to Dea Kulumbegashvili, Georgian soap opera director who won the Golden Shell with her debut film BEGINNING at the last San Sebastian Film Festival, along with three other awards for best direction, best script and best actress with the interpretation of Ia Sukhitashvili. The film that was also selected at Cannes 2020 was finished at Splendor Omnia.

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Considering the current health situation, Splendor Omnia is taking all the possible measures to remain covid free.

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