Ernie Schaeffer


Ernie Schaeffer  has been involved in creative media for music, television and films for 30 years.  Starting out in the late 1980’s as a recording engineer for metal, thrash and punk bands from the Tristate area this journey would lead him into video editing on the first Avid media composers and take the foundations of the analog world into the change over to an entirely digital workflow we know of today.  In the 1990s Ernie was a full time editor and composer for advertising and video production companies. From 2002 - 2009 Ernie worked as an Apple, Avid and adobe certified trainer and workflow specialist moving post production as a complete integrated service.  Ernie trained hundreds of clients in post production, TV, advertising and content creators.  From 2010 to current times ernie has focused primarily on post production for feature films both in developing workflow models and working as a colorist and post production supervisor.  He is a certified Blackmagic trainer and enthusiast for collaborative post production workflows.