When in post-production on a film, we abandon everything practical in life. We would like everything figured out very simply for us: Good food and a peaceful night’s rest with no need to worry about a lengthy commute to work.


80 km south of the capital of Mexico there is a world class postproduction studio that offers all of the above. We have mixed films by Lisandro Alonso, Amat Escalante, Apichatpong Weeresethakul, Josephine Decker, Tatiana Huezo, Joe Swamberg, Michel Franco, Carlos Reygdas and Darius Marder, amongst many others.


We have color-graded films like The Mountain by Rick Alverson, We Are the Flesh by Emiliano Rocha and Our Time by Reygadas.


Splendor Omnia offers the filmmakers of the world the highest standards of quality, both technical and in terms of a living environment, so they may be able to concentrate on creating the film of their ambitions.