700 m3 of acoustic perfection: the construction materials, the shape of the room and the the inexistence of sound pollution were determinant for birth of the studios.

Control surface S6 M40 by AVID with 4 systems Pro Tools HDX 2 and MTRX interfaces. The S6 combines the best of the leaders: ICON & System 5.

Peripherals: T.C. Electronic System 6000.

Configurable in 5.1 or 7.1 (ATMOS in 2021).

Carlos Cortés, Marco Hernández and our crew of mixers are at your full disposition. Still, in our search to allow for your personal optimal, you may bring your own engineer. Our mixers would offer you the necessary technical assistance.


Camino al Ojo de Agua No. 10,
Ocotitlán, Tepoztlán, México.​


Tel: (MX) +52 1 739 395 5509​



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